ABLOY PROTEC² is the high quality IKON locking system with patented disc technology, which makes the system very secure against unlocking techniques with relevant tools and keystroke techniques.

With its high-quality design and precision manufacturing, the practical disc system is robust and durable. The unique cylinder mechanism, which is based on discs instead of conventional springs and pins, is regarded by security experts worldwide as a high-quality locking system, even for high-security applications. The patented key profile and a moving element in the key provide very high copy protection.

The large number of different key combinations combined with eighty years of IKON expertise in locking system calculation makes it possible to implement even extensive and complex locking systems ABLOY PROTEC² is designed as a modular system with which cylinder lengths can be easily adapted.

Patented anti-wear system

The patented AWS (Anti-Wear-System) minimizes key wear so that cylinder operation is not affected. This is achieved by limiting the driver plate in the cylinder and the corresponding AWS grooves in the key. The follower plate limits the rotation of the key at the required angle and ensures the 90° rotation required for code scanning of the key.

This system is no longer available.

We offer various another systems as a new locking system
IKON locking cylinder.


Technical characteristics:

  • unique worldwide patented disc system
  • 11 discs of tin-bronze with a high number of different key combinations
  • very high protection against picking and keystroke techniques by the patented DBS (Disc Blocking System)
  • extreme durability even under heavy use due to the patented AWS function (Anti-Wear-System)
  • for a high degree of drilling protection, optionally available with a steel side of the cylinder with additional carbide pins
  • wear resistant and corrosion protected
  • cam made of break-proof, corrosion-resistant nickel plated steel
  • protected key profile with security card
IKON ABLOY PROTEC2 cutting cylinder


  • modular design
  • cylinder body: brass satin chrome plated
  • cam position can be changed as standard


  • very high key copy protection through the patented key insertion and a moving element in the key
  • ergonomic and noble key design with 15 different colour pins (standard colour: red), optionally also available with plastic bow

Operational area:

  • private houses and apartments
  • office and commercial areas
  • suitable for particularly large and complex locking systems
  • wooden doors, tubular frame doors, aluminium doors, etc.

Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes
  • priority function
  • increased drilling protection (available with one steel side of the cylinder with additional carbide pins)
  • VdS certification (on request)