Freewheel cylinder

Different designations are possible: FRL, freewheel function

The freewheeling function in the locking cylinder ensures that the locking cam can rotate freely through 360° when the keys are removed from the both sides.

The function is intended exclusively for double and half cylinders in mortise locks with panic function or multi-point locks (incl. emergency and danger function).
Various manufacturers supply cylinders with emergency and danger function as freewheel cylinders.
In the case of half cylinders for switch cylinders, a freewheeling cylinder must not be used as a rule, since the key's pull-off position is very often predetermined by the design.


In the case of special panic or automatic locks, as well as motor-driven locks and doors that are too closed, the lock must be released without interference when the handle is operated. This is only possible if the cam can rotate freely. In case of doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.

When a key is inserted into the keyway of the cylinder, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. This then allows the cylinder to be closed in the conventional way with the key.

It should be noted that due to the design restrictions on the cylinder length are possible
e.g.: KESO cylinder only from length 35/35 mm.