The RW6 is based on the drilling trough technology with a total of 3 safety levels. Six active spring-loaded locking elements in various designs and levels are used. Five additional lateral interrogation pins on a total of 11 different positions provide more security against common manipulation methods. RW6 is a solution that is as simple as it is sophisticated, offering more than many simple, conventional locking systems.

This system can be ordered as a locking system in our locking system configurator or as a reorder.



Technical characteristics:

  • 6 active spring-loaded pin locking elements and 5 passive locking elements acting on 2 levels
  • core pins made of wear-resistant nickel silver
  • crowned cylinder core with reinforced key insertion
  • narrow key channel with complex feature arrangement to prevent insertion of pick tools
  • increased protection against impact keys
  • increased protection against illegal key copying
  • cam made of break-proof, corrosion-resistant sintered metal
  • tested according to DIN EN 1303:2015, DIN 18252
  • protected patented system with security card
  • Patent protection until 2036
IKON RW6 cutting cylinder


  • reversible key system with drilling trough technology
  • horizontal key insertion
  • cylinder body: satin nickel plated brass
  • standard cam position (SST = 30°)


  • key thickness: 3 mm
  • robust nickel silver key with ergonomic full metal bow
  • special resistant nickel silver alloy
  • easy key insertion due to symmetrical flanks and rounded edges
  • key with complex profile structure and differentiated interrogation on several levels
IKON RW6 key
IKON RW6 key technical drawing

Operational area:

  • front doors, connecting doors, office doors, interior doors, exterior doors, apartment doors, gates, wooden doors, aluminum doors, tubular frame doors, etc.
  • private houses and apartments
  • office and commercial areas

Special equipment:

  • increased drilling protection class 2 (AB = 2)
  • comfort function with lockability on both sides (GE = BS)
  • freewheel (on request)

Drilling protection:

Increased drilling protection class 2 (AB = 2):
  • for increased safety requirements
  • increased drilling protection due to additional carbide pins in the cylinder core and cylinder body
IKON standard drilling protection

Comfort function with locking on both sides (GE = BS):

This function enables locking of the locking cylinder even if a key with locking authorisation is inserted on the opposite side.

emergency and danger function


The profile cylinders which have a freely rotating cam are designated as freewheel cylinders.
The cam can be moved freely through 360° when no key is inserted.
When the key is inserted, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. This then allows the cylinder to be closed in the conventional way with the key.

  • Usually only necessary for special panic or automatic locks. If in doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.
  • for multi-point locks with panic function: latch and bolt must be moved into the lock body when the door is closed with the handle. To ensure this, the cam must be able to turn freely.
  • in motor-driven locks and special escape door locks
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment