Reordering for locking systems

For all locking systems entered in our configurator, you can conveniently place repeat orders for keys and locking cylinders. New locking cylinders and authorizations for keys must be requested by us from the manufacturer.

1. General information

Reorders for existing items are usually always technically possible, but many details have to be taken into account. Automated processing is only partially feasible, as many special features have to be taken into account for each manufacturer and locking system.


An extension is a cylinder or key that does not currently exist in your master key system.
These items must always be requested from the manufacturer, who will then check whether the desired extension is feasible.

Since this is an individual request, we ask you to request this directly by e-mail:


The following documents and information are required:

  • copy of the security card
  • important note: the security card is required in the original for the manufacturers: BKS, DOM, IKON (ASSA ABLOY)
  • copy of the locking plan
  • cylinder / key details: which positions are required and in which version (cylinder type, cylinder length, desired additional options)
  • It must be clear from your request which locking authorization the new cylinders should receive and which positions the new keys are allowed to close.

We will forward this request as soon as possible to the appropriate manufacturer for feasibility testing.


Cylinders and keys may have increased prices in the reorder compared to the initial order. This depends on the specifications of the respective manufacturers. We have no influence on this. After this time, you will then receive the general reorder prices for cylinders and keys.

For cylinders from a master key system (no single or keyed alike locks), you will receive the same or slightly higher prices for reorders within a limited period of time (usually 3 months after placing the order).
For single and keyed alike locks, this is handled differently from manufacturer to manufacturer.
The reorder prices for keys increase immediately with delivery of the system according to the price specifications of the respective manufacturers!

We maintain these prices using our discounts at the best possible conditions.

The service charges incurred for reorders are shown separately and are not included in the item price!

2. Reordering a locking system purchased from sullus

Log in to the configurator or store with your stored data (e-mail address and password). After one click you will get to the reorder menu. Here you can select the correct original order from your previous orders in our store. With the selection of the original order all available plant data are transferred into the order fields of the reorder process.
The number from the manufacturer's locking plan must be entered in the input fields for the position or lock for cylinders and keys. The plan created in our company is no longer valid here.
If you have any questions, please also use our information fields in the order processing.

3. Reorder to a locking system, obtained via third-party supplier

We can only reorder for systems which are deposited with us. Unfortunately, we cannot carry out repeat orders for other systems. This also applies to so-called own profiles (locking systems in own profile). Here can only be ordered through the locksmith of the own profile.

4. Reordering process

The reordering process in our system is carried out in 3 steps:

Step 1

Submit the asset identification information for the order.

  • Manufacturer
  • Asset number
  • Type of system
  • System
  • Date of delivery

For locking systems purchased through us, this step is performed automatically after logging in.

Step 2

First, select which products you would like to reorder.
Then please enter the lock or key number in the field provided. Now cylinder or key can be configured in quantity and design.

You can add more cylinders or keys or delete individual items. More information about the individual positions can be found under the information buttons.

To make sure that the order can really be realized at the manufacturer to the displayed configurations and prices, the process can not yet be fully completed for the time being. Your order therefore remains as an order request in our system. After receipt of the order, we check the delivery possibility with the manufacturer. For this we need about 5 days.

Step 3

If the manufacturer responds positively, you will receive an email from us confirming your order. In parallel, we will activate your order request for final order completion. If changes in the order (designations, prices, numbers, etc.) are necessary, we will inform you about the further necessary procedure. After activation of your order request, you can place your order in the shopping cart and complete the process via the store system.