IKON R10 Reversible key 2RWS


The IKON R10 Reversible key system 2RWS locking shaft fulfils the requirements for technical key copy protection and protection against unlocking and lock picking. IKON R10 security cylinders use an individual telescopic pin mechanism with inner and outer pin locking elements. The R10 reversible key has six positions, five of which are used to query the total of 10 telescopic locking elements. In the sixth position is the patented, movable R-CLIP for scanning the special locking elements. In addition, five variable finger pins of the locking bar scan the key's locking shaft milling.

This system is available for reorders only.

We offer various another systems as a new locking system-
IKON locking cylinder


Technical characteristics:

  • 10 telescopic locking elements in total
  • 5 double-acting telescopic locking elements + 1 patented eccentric pin
  • 5 active side pins for locking security
  • patented, movable R-CLIP for scanning the special locking elements
  • drilling protection class 1 (AB = 1) standard
  • high protection against picking and impact key technology
  • high protection against illegal key copying
  • emergency and danger function as standard (lockable on both sides)
  • telescopic core and body pins in combined steel and brass design
  • cam made of break-proof, corrosion-resistant nickel silver profile
  • tested according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 (double, half, knob cylinders)
  • protected key profile with security card
IKON R10 2RWS cylinder cross section


  • reversible key system with shaft coding
  • horizontal key insertion
  • cylinder body: brass matt nickel plated
  • half cylinder: standard cam position 90° left, cam can be adjusted 8-fold in 45° angle


  • key thickness: 2,4 mm
  • key made of special resistant nickel silver alloy
  • key with handy rounded plastic armour bow
Intellitec system on the key
Precision profile

Operational area:

  • private houses and apartments
  • office and commercial areas

Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes
  • increased drilling protection class 2 (AB = 2) / class 3 (AB = 3)
  • VdS certification (on request)
  • freewheel (on request)

Cylinder finishes:

  • standard finishes: brass matt nickel plated
  • optional: brass matt brushed, brass polished
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
  • There may be slight colour deviations between the displayed surfaces and the original colours.
IKON Cylinder finishes

Drilling protection:

Standard drilling protection (AB = 1):
  • for medium safety requirements
  • the first pair of steel pins
  • a carbide pin in the cylinder body is combined with several carbide elements in the cylinder core
Increased drilling protection class 2 (AB = 2):
  • for increased safety requirements
  • reinforced drilling protection through additional carbide pins in the cylinder core and cylinder body
Increased drilling protection class 3 (AB = 3):
  • for high safety requirements
  • drilling protection in the cylinder core and cylinder body made of a combination of several special carbide elements
IKON Standard drilling protection