Factory profile

Locking systems that are manufactured exclusively in the manufacturer's plants are produced in factory profiles. For the cylinders and keys manufactured in these key profiles, the specialized trade does not receive any data (studding, drilling values, notch values for key cuts, etc.).
Only the manufacturer has the right to carry out remakes of cylinders and keys, as well as system extensions.

No key blanks are available for the specialized trade in these profiles.
(in contrast see proprietary profile)

Proprietary profile

Proprietary profiles are profiles that are subject to special contractual requirements between the manufacturer and the specialist dealer. Proprietary profiles are reserved with a territorial protection. This means that the manufacturer guarantees that no other dealer will sell these profiles within a defined radius (usually 50 km), that no other dealer will sell these profiles. With these profiles, the dealer has the possibility to pin cylinders himself, notch keys and manufacture master key systems. However, proprietary profiles are also subject to restrictions, e.g. they are not approved for the construction of locking cylinders with VdS certificate.