Basic length

Basic cylinder length

For proper application of the profile cylinders, it is essential to order them in the correct dimensions.
On the outside, only a maximum of 3 mm of the cylinder may protrude from the protective fitting due to insurance-related conditions.

The cylinder length is specified in this order: outside / inside.
The measurement is always taken up to the center of the hole (thread for forend screw).

Due to the given design of the cylinders, the cylinders have different standard lengths depending on the manufacturer.
The smallest available length (e.g.: 30/30 mm) is called the basic length. This is predetermined by security aspects and the depth of immersion of the key in the cylinder.

The shorter the cylinder, the fewer tumblers are possible (5- or 6-pin system).
Cylinders with dimensions of 18/18 mm should therefore only be used for interior doors from a security point of view.
Basic length

Short cylinder
A second variant are short cylinders (also called asymmetric cylinders).
Here, the outside (always short side) can be shortened slightly (2 - 3 mm) by constructive modification of the closing cam.

Example of dimensions:
25/35, 28/32, 27,5/35 mm and similar

Because also short cylinders with priority function (one-sided emergency and danger function) can be executed, the proper function of the priority side (priority) is always on the short side!
Accordingly, the assembly must then take place.
Basic short cylinder length