KESO 4000S Omega


Reversible key technology has been taken to a new level with the KESO System 4000S Omega. It is the logical further development of the basic system based on the 2000S and 2000S Omega.

More technical possibilities for locking systems

Locking systems are implemented in three rows with up to five active pin locking elements arranged in 13 positions per row. The side combinations are doubled by the key channel shifting. This means that the locking variants are practically infinite. More drilling pattern variants and the offset of the key channel in the rotor allow for significantly higher combinatorics in the creation of locking systems. At the same time, by moving the standard cylinder coding to line 2, the key channel in the rotor is closed. This prevents soiling in the area of the counter locking elements.

This system is available for reorders only.

For new systems we recommend the successor series KESO 8000.

KESO 4000Omega

Technical characteristics:

  • modular design (proven modular system)
  • active copy protection (through movable elements in the key and cylinder)
  • the profiled key stop provides additional key copy protection
  • system 4000S is always delivered with the omega function on both sides
  • drilling protection standard
  • more possible combinations
  • complete differentiation from the existing systems
  • no backwards compatibility to the other systems
  • patent protection until 2023


  • reversible key system
  • vertical, easy key insertion
  • cylinder body: Sidra (standard)
  • connecting bar: chrome nickel steel (standard)
  • half cylinder with adjustable cams, adjustable in 8 positions (45 degrees)
  • compatible with mechatronic and electronic components of the KESO-Integra platform
  • not compatible with other KESO systems


  • key thickness: 2,5 mm
  • reversible key made of unbreakable, corrosion-resistant nickel silver
  • additional protection through elevation in the key (active copy protection)
  • precise stepped bores, two closely spaced bore lines and extremely finely integrated omega springs
  • different colours for key caps (optional)
  • different key types (optional)
  • an additional RFID in the colour cap allows integration into electronic systems such as alarm systems (only for long keys with colour cap) (on request)

Operational area:

  • universities
  • retail chains and industrial companies
  • cultural and leisure facilities
  • residences
  • apartment buildings
  • medium-sized to large companies
  • public buildings

Options / Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes
  • drilling and core protection (ABS)
  • emergency and danger function (priority function)
  • freewheel (on request)

Explanations on the optional extras:

Cylinder finishes:

  • standard finish: nickel plated (silver coloured)
  • optional: gold decor
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
Please note:
If a different cylinder finish, different from the standard finish, is ordered, extended production times may occur.

Drilling protection ABS:

The drilling and core protection protects the locking cylinder against drilling and the insertion of cylinder set screws. The use of hard metals and / or hardened pins can make drilling more difficult. The ABS System from KESO consists of a special rotor which provides protection against sophisticated break-in methods such as breaking off, twisting off, pulling out, core pulling and drilling.
The ABS system can be recognized by the externally visible recess in the rotor.

The KESO ABS system contains the following protective measures:

  • hardened core pins HRC 60
  • hardened pins in longitudinal position of the rotor HRC 60
  • hardened inserts in stator HRC 63
  • hardened pins in the bar HRC 60

The ABS system is only used on the outside of the profile cylinder. Profile cylinders with this rotor are classified by the VdS (Association of Property Insurers) in class FC+.
The class is more burglar-resistant and is very often awarded better insurance premiums.

Emergency and danger function / priority function:

Priority function means that a double cylinder can be locked from the outside if a key is inserted inside. The outside always has priority when operating the cylinder. This is not possible the other way round.

Freewheel (on request):

The profile cylinders which have a freely rotating cam are designated as freewheel cylinders.
The cam can be moved freely through 360° when no key is inserted.
When the key is inserted, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. This then allows the cylinder to be closed in the conventional way with the key.

  • Usually only necessary for special panic or automatic locks. If in doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.
  • for multi-point locks with panic function: latch and bolt must be moved into the lock body when the door is closed with the handle. To ensure this, the cam must be able to turn freely.
  • in motor-driven locks and special escape door locks
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • only possible from cylinder length 35/35 mm

Round key:

  • the classic among the key forms

Long key:

  • due to its design, the long key is ideally suited for use where protective fittings with protector discs are used
  • due to its exclusive bow, the long key offers increased user-friendliness
  • lies comfortably in the hand, easy operation of the cylinder
  • optionally with colour caps for easier identification on the key ring

Trapezoid key:

  • due to its exclusive bow the trapezoid key offers an increased user-friendliness
  • lies comfortably in the hand, easy operation of the cylinder
  • optionally with colour caps for easier identification on the key ring

Colour cap key:

  • clear differentiation of keys by means of colour caps
  • 13 different colours

Long key with coloured cap:

  • with coloured caps for easier identification on the key ring
  • on request with RFID technology for third-party applications
KESO 8000Ω² long key
KESO 8000Ω² long key
KESO 8000Ω² trapezoidal key
KESO 8000Ω² trapezoidal key
KESO 8000Ω² coloured key cap
KESO 8000Ω² colored key cap
KESO 8000Ω² long key with coloured cap
KESO 8000Ω² long key with coloured cap