Core pulling protection KESO

The core pulling protection is a safety device of the cylinder that prevents the cylinder core from being pulled out with special tools on a pull screw.


The profile cylinder developed by KESO (outer half of the overall cylinder) is made of chrome-nickel steel and is therefore far superior to conventional profile cylinders.
This newly designed KESO cylinder core (rotor), turned from a single piece with a flange on the locking cam or driver side (marked red in the picture), in conjunction with the chrome nickel steel bar, guarantees core pulling and tear-out reliable protection.

Thanks to KESO's modular system, the rotor (on the picture is the key inside) can be mounted from the inside of the cylinder half.
Pulling out the rotor with a high-strength screw from the outside is effectively prevented by the flange on the rotor.

This additional flange gives the cylinder the necessary stability against core pulling!

For brass cylinders made from one piece, the rotor can only be inserted from the outside.
This is then secured inside with a brass ring. Such rotors can usually be pulled out in a few seconds with the right tool. This then frees the locking cam and the cylinder can be opened with the appropriate tools.

The KESO profile cylinder has multiple protection against drilling. This is ensured by the tumbler pins made of hardened steel and a hardened protective plate in the bar area.
As a rule, core pulling protection is always coupled with effective drilling protection.

The extended roll pin in the lower part is used for additional support of the profile cylinder against the security fitting.
The outside of the core-pulling protected locking cylinder is characterized by the trough in the rotor with the 2 pins above it.

Core pulling protection from KESO
Core pulling protection from KESO