DOM RS Sigma


"A good investment must pay off"

The DOM RS Sigma system is the brand name locking system for customers who value high security while keeping an eye on costs. Whether new building or renovation - property or company secrets must be well protected. And that's where some doors come together in apartment buildings, housing estates and other building complexes. Designed as a locking system, RS Sigma offers you the convenience you would expect from a modern locking system. You have the security requirement, we offer the right solution. Secure, fast and reliable. Easy to expand and compatible with the electronic locking systems from DOM, RS Sigma is future-proof and thus protects your investment in the long term!

This system can be ordered as a locking system in our locking system configurator or as a reorder.


DOM RS Sigma


High security, high manipulation protection

The up to 19 locking authorisation queries per key make it almost impossible to overcome the cylinder. 6 solid pin locking elements and lateral profile control pins make unauthorised opening with duplicate keys more difficult.

Key copy protection

The key profile is protected by design patent and protects against unauthorized key copies.

High comfort

Easy handling of the key due to the ergonomically shaped key head.

Technical characteristics:

  • high protection against manipulation due to 19-fold locking authorisation query
  • 6 spring-loaded, massive locking elements and lateral profile control pins on each locking side
  • consisting of 12 sectionally graded core and body pins
  • solid pin locking elements made of hard bronze/steel, hardened and chemically nickel plated
  • narrowed core and body pins
  • up to 12 positively guided, solid profile control pins, 45° arranged
  • paracentric, two-part core and key profiling
  • protected against impact picking by modified design of the pin locking elements
  • convex core head with guide funnel for easy closing and opening
  • 13 mm core diameter
  • one-piece cam made of sintered steel
  • according to DIN EN 1303:2015-08, certified according to ISO 9001:2008
  • locking security class 6, attack resistance class B according to DIN EN 1303
  • locking system is protected by a trademark
  • VdS security class 2
DOM RS Sigma cutting cylinder


  • cylinder body and cylinder core made of solid brass (high corrosion protection)
  • finish: dull nickel
  • serrated key system
  • vertical key insertion
  • half cylinder: cam position adjustable in 8 positions
  • half cylinder: cam is delivered in 7.00 o'clock position, can be moved to all positions in 45 degree increments
  • compatible with DOM electronics (made possible by integrating passive transponder technology into the key bow via clip tag)


  • key thickness: 2,4 mm
  • nickel silver serrated key: corrosion-free and low-wear
  • profile matched gradual steps
  • complex coding in the key makes it difficult to make a duplicate key
  • ergonomically shaped key head
DOM RS Sigma key

Operational area:

  • residences
  • medium to large companies
  • public buildings

Options / Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes (polished brass, oxidized bronze)
  • emergency and danger function
  • increased drilling protection + modular design = VdS AZ (VdS**)
  • freewheel
  • weather protection
  • modular technology with increased tear-off protection

Explanations on the optional extras:

Drilling protection VdS AZ:

In cooperation with the police, VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH has developed a star system that divides mechanical locking systems into three different security classes, thus providing you with a quick overview of the respective security level.

  • recognition by VdS Schadesverhütung GmbH
  • VdS checks locking systems and awards recognition from A to BZ+
  • drilling protection + modular design = VdS AZ (VdS**)
  • VdS AZ+: increased protection against drilling and core pulling due to carbide pins in cylinder body and cylinder core arranged in several levels
  • this drilling protection variant is manufactured in modular technology with increased tear-off protection

Cylinder finishes:

  • finishes (polished brass, oxidized bronze)
  • standard finish: dull nickel
  • for individual design requirements
  • on request for homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
Please note:
If a different cylinder finish, different from the standard finish, is ordered, extended production times may occur.
DOM cylinder finish
dull nickel
DOM cylinder finish
polished brass
DOM cylinder finish
oxidized bronze

Seawater resistance:

  • for use in marine climate or salty atmosphere
  • fixing screw pure brass, cam sintered steel (chemically nickel plated)
  • cylinder finish: matt chrome
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • in combination with freewheel: clutch not protected against seawater


The profile cylinders which have a freely rotating cam are designated as freewheel cylinders.
The cam can be moved freely through 360° when no key is inserted. DOM freewheel cylinders comply with DIN EN 18252:2006-12.
When the key is inserted, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. This then allows the cylinder to be closed in the conventional way with the key.

  • from cylinder length: 35,5/35,5 mm
  • Usually only necessary for special panic or automatic locks. If in doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.
  • for multi-point locks with panic function: latch and bolt must be moved into the lock body when the door is closed with the handle. To ensure this, the cam must be able to turn freely.
  • in motor-driven locks and special escape door locks
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • with this option the cylinder has no emergency and danger function
  • freewheel function is tested according to FZG (test guideline for profile cylinders with freewheel function for gear locks in escape door locks)