Prerequisites for successful planning

For the efficient creation of your locking system, a few prerequisites must be fulfilled:

1. Record all doors (containers) and designate them accordingly:

e.g. front door, apartment 1, apartment 2, basement, boiler room, garage tenant, own garage, attic, etc.

2. Determine locking authorizations:

Determine who is allowed to unlock which door. Sounds simple, but still needs to be thought out properly.

3. Procure all necessary dimensions for the locking cylinders:

By means of the cylinder measuring gauge specially developed by us, the problem-free measuring of your locking cylinders is a piece of cake.

A detailed description of the gauge can be found under Help / Gauge.

Please note:
Example cylinder length: 35 / 45 mm
The first dimension (35 mm) is the dimension for the outside of the cylinder. The last dimension (45 mm) is for the inside.
The required dimensions must also be specified for all other cylinders (except double and half cylinders) such as padlock and camlock cylinders.
e.g. padlock - shackle: 8 mm diameter and 25 mm shackle height.

4. Determine necessary quantities for keys and cylinders:

Keys should not be put on "stock", but ordered in the required number. If a key is lost, even the same duplicates would become worthless!