EVVA 3KSplus


3KSplus is a reversible key system which is characterised by a unique functional principle. In contrast to classic locking systems, the blocking elements in the 3KSplus cylinder are moved without springs and are not pressed against a spring force. This means maximum security and wear resistance.

Thanks to the immense variation possibilities, complex locking systems can be calculated.

The organisational, legal and highest technical key protection guarantees top duplicate key security. The patented curve guide ensures even greater security and easier key insertion.

This system is available for reorders only.

For new systems, we recommend the successor series EVVA 4KS.

EVVA 3KSplus

Technical characteristics:

  • modular design (SYMO)
  • springless technology
  • 12 springless, massive locking pins are brought into a specific position via positive control of the six key curves and scanned by 2 control bars
  • blocking bar in the core controls the additional coding of the key
  • carbide drilling protection in core and body
  • picking and scanning protection (has several locking pins and it is not possible to tell which locking pin is effective in each individual case, free movement of the locking elements in the core makes scanning almost impossible)
  • impact key protection
  • pulling and tear-off protection by carbide metal side control bar and the modular design (SYMO)
  • certified according to DIN EN 1303:2008
  • patent protection until 2025
EVVA 3KSplus cutting cylinder


  • reversible key system
  • vertical, easy key insertion
  • cylinder body: brass matt nickel plated, cylinder core: base material nickel silver
  • slide coating of all locking elements
  • half cylinder: cam adjustable in 8 positions


  • key thickness: 2,2 mm
  • reversible key made of special resistant nickel silver alloy
  • highest wear resistance
  • easy key insertion through uniquely rounded key tip
  • overlapping curve milling protects against key manipulation and ensures maximum safety
  • optional: key caps, key with coloured dot, key with extended key neck

Operational area:

  • universities
  • retail chains and industrial companies
  • cultural and leisure facilities
  • residences
  • apartment buildings
  • medium-sized to large companies
  • public buildings

Options / Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes (burnished, brass polished)
  • increased drilling protection
  • emergency and danger function
  • freewheel
  • weather protection
  • modular design

Explanations on the optional extras:

Cylinder finishes:

  • standard finish: nickel (shiny)
  • optional: brass (front polished), brown (patinated)
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
  • optional staining cannot be combined with: seawater resistance, dust and weather protection
Please note:
If a different finish, different from the standard finish, is ordered, extended production times may occur.
EVVA Cylinder finishes

BSZ - double cylinder lockable on both sides, danger function:

This function enables the locking cylinder to be blocked even if a key with blocking authorisation is inserted on the opposite side.

This option is only possible from a cylinder length of 31/36 mm.


SEW - Seawater resistance:

  • for cylinders that are exposed to strong environmental influences
  • cylinder parts susceptible to corrosion are delivered with a special surface finish
  • Please note:
    When ordering this option the delivery time will be extended.
EVVA seawater resistance

SSW - protection mechanism against dust and weather influences:

Spring-loaded locking plates integrated in the locking cylinder, which open and close automatically when the key is inserted or removed. This design is one-sided on the outside.
The cylinder is extended by 3,3 mm.

Please note:
When ordering this option, the delivery time is extended.
EVVA Dust and weather protection
EVVA dust and weather protection

Freewheel function 360° (on request):

  • single freewheel only for double cylinder and half cylinder
  • the coupling is driven via the tip of the key
  • from cylinder length: 31/36 mm possible
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • Freewheel function (FZG): freewheel with forced decoupling / forced controlled decoupling of the locking nose, the clutch is driven by the tip of the key, suitable for gear anti-panic multipoint locks (Only if mandatory by the lock manufacturer.)

Key with design cap:

  • colours: black, blue and red, yellow, green and white
  • material thickness Design cap: 7,2 mm
  • plastic caps for special design requirements for the keys
  • ergonomic design and high quality for better haptics
  • easy optical differentiation
  • simple management of locking systems through colour assignment
  • consecutive numbering of the key (key with the same locking authorisation receives a consecutive number)
  • use exclusively for EVVA keys
  • factory assembly, subsequent opening and retrofitting is not possible
EVVA 3KS Design cap
EVVA 3KS Design cap colours
EVVA 3KS Design cap

Key with coloured dot:

  • colours: red, blue, green, yellow, brown, black, violet, pink
  • with countersunk colour dot on the key neck
  • for optical differentiation
  • colour dot may differ from the image on the website

Key with extended key neck:

  • specially shaped key
  • for use with armoured fittings
EVVA 3KS Colour point
Key with coloured dot
EVVA 3KS Colour dot
Dimensions key with colour dot
EVVA 3KS Key with extended key neck
Key with extended key neck
EVVA 3KS Key with extended key neck
Dimensions of key with extended key neck