ABUS Bravus 3500 MX Magnet



Bravus.3500 MX Magnet offers you security at the highest level - thanks to integrated magnet technology, standard SKG*** security equipment and technical copy protection.

Patent protection until 2038, unlimited trademark protection

This system can be ordered as locking system (also as single lock and keyed alike system) in our locking system configurator or as a reorder.


ABUS Bravus.3500 MX Magnet

Technical characteristics:

  • patented Intellitec system guarantees high technical copy protection, highest protection against illegal key copies (multi-dimensional interrogation)
  • Maximum flexibility due to modular design
  • magnetic technology in the key and cylinder protects against 3D key copies
  • 3. safety level in the Bravus system (3 locking rows)
  • 10 spring loaded locking elements and up to 6 code pins in three locking rows
  • 14 mm core diameter
  • 6-pin system
  • increased pulling protection due to stainless steel module bar as standard
  • increased drilling protection as standard due to hardened steel pins and drilling protection inlay made of stainless steel
  • SKG*** certification
  • complies with VdS A
  • according to DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303
ABUS Bravus.3500 MX Magnet cylinder cross section


  • cylinder body: nickel plated brass
  • reversible key system
  • modular design - maximum flexibility
  • horizontal, easy key insertion


  • key thickness: 3,5 mm
  • comfortable, stable reversible key
  • with an intelligent magnet technology
  • with key cap Pro Cap (optional)
Features of keyABUS Bravus.3500 features of key
KeyABUS Bravus.3500 key
Key dimensionsABUS Bravus.3500 key dimensions

Features of Key with Pro CapFeatures of key with Pro Cap
Key with Pro CapKey with Pro Cap
Key with Pro Cap dimensionsKey with Pro Cap dimensions

Operational area:

  • indoors and outdoors
  • in conjunction with DIN mortise locks

Special equipment:

  • emergency and danger function
  • different cylinder finishes
  • caps with transponders

Emergency and danger function:

This function enables the locking cylinder to be locked/opened even if a key with locking authorization is inserted on the opposite side (e.g. for front doors and emergency doors). With this option the cylinder is supplied with a free-running cam.