Planning and creation of a locking system

The planning and creation of a locking system is a complex process.

The basis for the production is always a locking plan. The locking authorizations (where, which key is allowed to lock) are defined in it. For the individual doors, gates, letterboxes, grids, windows, etc., locking cylinders are required in different variants and dimensions. These are essentially: double, turning knob, and half cylinders, lever cylinders for letterboxes, padlocks and additional locks. Each manufacturer has its own system for planning, handling and configuration of the equipment to be produced. Many details must be taken into account to ensure smooth interaction of all components.

A direct comparison of the locking systems on the market is difficult.

A locking system has advantages in the standard versions, but elsewhere no solution for a special requirement. For example, not all lengths for double cylinders can be realized because the type of construction and the security features of the system do not allow it. Other locking systems have their design limits in other places. For this reason alone, it is obvious to be offered several offers and solution variants if possible. In practice, however, each locksmith has only a limited number of available locking systems, in which he specializes and is fixed because of the purchase quantities of components and individual parts.

In 3 steps and little time to the locking system

With our locking system configurator you can create locking systems up to a size of 130 cylinders and 70 different keys (more possible on request) in only 3 steps and with only a few minutes of time (depending on the desired system size).

Locking systems configurator

For optimal presentation of solution options and manufacturer prices, the locking system matrix you have created is analyzed and compared with the various locking system types. As a result, the system you have created is assigned to the generally possible master key system types. All keys used are classified according to the locking system type, your function. Due to the proper recognition of these parameters, it is possible to map the producer prices of the respective systems and manufacturers without large risk surcharges.

Locking system types:

You can find more information about the different types of locking systems in our glossary:

  • Single lock
  • Keyed alike
  • Central key system
  • Master key system
  • General master key system

Complete overview of all available systems

After entering all the necessary key data once, you will receive the corresponding offers for over 25 different locking systems from well-known European manufacturers. The right locking system is sure to be available for you as well.

Adjustment options depending on the locking system

For each locking system, all the details of the cylinder and key are provided in detail. In the following step, our configurator shows you the possible settings.

  • Different types of cylinders
  • Cylinder finishes
  • Drilling protection
  • Emergency and danger function
  • Seawater resistant execution
  • Various key shapes
  • Key caps, colour dots, extended key neck
  • and much more

Security through security card

We supply all locking systems only with security cards from reputable brand manufacturers. For repeat orders, it may be necessary to send the security card (depending on the requirements of the respective manufacturer).

Storage of input for 4 weeks for further processing

After registration (only registration without address!) in our configurator system, you have the possibility to save your started locking plans over 4 weeks. Please note that after registration the created locking plan itself must be saved. This does not happen automatically with the registration in the system! Saving gives you the opportunity to obtain any data and information you still need, so that you can then add it without having to recreate your locking plan.

Management of multiple plants in parallel

In practice, the need to be able to manage several plants in the system at the same time becomes apparent. The reasons for this can be of different nature. Each variant or plant is stored under a different name to be assigned by them. This is displayed in the user menu after logging into the configurator system.

Reorders for locking systems

After placing an initial order in our system, it is possible to order additional cylinders and keys via our system. For cylinders you will receive the same or slightly increased prices for a limited time (depending on the manufacturer). The reorder prices for keys increase with delivery of the system according to the price specifications of the respective manufacturers! As a rule, you will receive the generally applicable reorder prices for cylinders and keys after 3 months. These will be entered into the configurator system according to the manufacturer's specifications, taking advantage of our existing discounts.