DORMAKABA quattro plus


DORMAKABA quattro plus owes its high level of security, among other things, to the sophisticated technology within the locking cylinder. DORMAKABA quattro plus locking cylinders protect against the most common opening methods (picking and impact protection).

DORMAKABA quattro plus locking cylinders are ergonomically correct reversible key systems, i.e. the reversible key is inserted vertically into the cylinder channel. The locking positions on each side of the cylinder are arranged in 4 rows radially around the key. The cylinder is thus reliably protected against attempts to re-lock - even with modern tools.

The patented reversible key system is suitable for large locking systems with high demands.

DORMAKABA Quattro Plus

This system can be ordered as a locking system in our locking system configurator or as a reorder.


Special features system DORMAKABA quattro plus

  • technically difficult to copy reversible key
  • high protection against picking and the impact method
  • standard drilling protection, drilling protection according to VdS BZ optional
  • guard locking positions arranged radially in 4 rows
  • vertical key insertion
  • modular system design
  • patent protection until 2033 and unlimited trademark protection
  • combination with swiss round profile
  • locking security class 6 according to DIN EN 1303:2015
  • 3 key types, up to 12 key clip colours
  • combination with electronics possible
  • protection by security card

Investment security
Investment security and upward compatibility - in short, long service life and suitability for use of products once purchased - have always been an important issue for and a key differentiator of DORMAKABA.
The modular design and the possibility of retrofitting the locking system and equipping mechanical keys with RFID transponders guarantee flexibility and secure your investment for years to come.

The DORMAKABA modular system allows cylinders to be converted to other lengths or even other cylinder shapes on site with little effort. The locking system remains intact.
The inserted cylinder cores (inserts) can easily be used in other cylinder designs (half cylinders, knob cylinders, sheet metal mounting cylinders, etc.).


Organisational protection through security card
Every new DORMAKABA quattro plus master key system and every standard cylinder is supplied with a security card containing all the security details of the system or lock. This card is used to order duplicate keys and to register and manage the master data of the master key system or lock.

International certifications
DORMAKABA quattro plus is internationally certified several times against cylinder break-up by drilling, pulling, picking and bumping.

The DORMAKABA quattro plus system makes it possible to cover each user's individual authorizations within the locking plan hierarchy with a single key - for private or business use

Technical characteristics:

  • technical and patent copy protection offer high key copy protection
  • 4 radially arranged rows of hardened steel pins
  • up to 22 pin pairs per cylinder side in several rows on 44 possible positions (over 2 trillion possible lockings)
  • spring-loaded pairs of locking elements made of hardened steel, chemically nickel plated
  • standard drilling protection (hardened steel locking elements and a 4 mm thick stud screw made of hardened steel additionally on each cylinder side in the cylinder body)
  • high security against picking and the impact method
  • classic door cylinder in 17 mm Euro profile, core diameter: 15 mm
  • modular system design
  • tested according to DIN EN 1303:2015 locking security class 6, attack resistance class B in the optional lamella version or with protective fitting
  • certifications: DIN 18252-82 | VdS class B and BZ | Kitemark
  • different key forms
  • other cylinder shapes: e.g. Swiss round profile, oval profile
DORMAKABA quattro plus cylinder cross section
4 radially arranged pin rows


  • ergonomically correct reversible key, i.e. the reversible key is inserted vertically into the cylinder channel
  • easy key insertion due to new design of the locking elements
  • cylinder body: nickel-plated brass
  • integration into electronic DORMAKABA locking systems with LEGIC clip possible at any time (retrofittable), mechanical lock remains unchanged


  • key thickness: 2,5 mm
  • reversible key made of high-quality nickel silver, low-wear
  • reversible key is technically difficult to copy
  • the coding of the keys is not done by drilling, but by a special milling process that conceals the position of the coding on the key
  • the new coding on the tip of the key cannot be produced with conventional key cutting machines; if the coding is missing, a key cannot be inserted or turned
  • high breaking resistance, best sliding properties
  • 3 different key types, standard: smart key (optional largekey, long bow)
  • colour clip standard: dark blue (selectable from 12 colours)
DORMAKABA standard Key

Operational area:

  • private houses and apartments, apartment buildings
  • industry
  • office building
  • airports, hospitals
  • large locking systems

Options / Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes
  • increased drilling protection and pulling protection according to VdS B and VdS BZ
  • emergency and danger function (closing on both sides)
  • priority (the key locks from outside if there is a key inside) (on request)
  • freewheel (from 70 mm total length)
  • weather protection
  • long bow with and without key clip

Explanations on the optional extras:

Standard drilling protection

The standard drilling protection is achieved by standard hardened steel locking elements and a hardened insert fixing screw (A). This design complies with DIN EN 1303 attack resistance class B.

DORMAKABA standard Drilling protection

Increased drilling protection - VdS class B approval

By using additional steel elements in the body and insert, a higher resistance to drilling is achieved. Class B locking cylinders do not have an integrated pull-out protection. In combination with a tested core protection fitting, attack resistance class D is achieved.

A = insert with two carbide longitudinal pins = BS
B = tungsten carbide stud
C = short insert fixing screw hardened at the front
D = long insert fixing screw hardened at the rear

Increased drilling protection VdS B

Increased drilling and pulling protection - VdS class BZ

By using additional steel elements in the body and insert, a higher resistance to drilling is achieved. The increased pulling protection values are achieved by means of a pulling protection pin.
The new DORMAKABA VdS cylinder protects against pulling even in tubular frame doors.
These cylinders can be used without protective fittings and achieve attack resistance class D without a tested core protection fitting.

A = insert with carbide pins = BS
B = tungsten carbide stud
C = bible screw
D = insert fixing screw hardened
E = steel lamella

Increased drilling and pulling protection VdS BZ

Cylinder finishes:

  • standard finish: nickel plated (silver-coloured)
  • optional: brown medium, brass natural (gold-coloured)
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
Please note:
If a different cylinder finish, different from the standard finish, is ordered, extended production times may occur.
DORMAKABA cylinder finishes

Dust and insect protection

The new SIS element is optimised for use with Euro profile cylinders and offers effective protection against the penetration of dirt and insects into the key channel. The external length of the cylinder is extended by approx. 3,5 mm.

The SIS unit can be easily retrofitted as it is decoupled from the body and is mounted directly on the rotor. As a result, only the cylinder insert needs to be replaced, the rest of the cylinder is not affected by the upgrade and can continue to be used 1:1.

If the cylinder front is to be level, the option dust and splash water protection must be selected. (on request)

Not available in conjunction with VdS versions.

The SIS cap is always chemically nickel-plated.

This function is page-dependent. It is therefore necessary to select the respective cylinder side with dust and insect protection function when ordering. Both sides are possible.

Dust and insect protection

Dust and splash water protection

Cylinders with dust and splash water protection are equipped with a spring-loaded dust and weather protection cap with 2 spring-loaded sealing lips on the cylinder face. Every Euro profile cylinder can be equipped with this function. The outer length of the cylinder is extended by approx. 5 mm.

Cannot be used for cylinders with pulling protection devices and for protective fittings.

This function is dependent on the side. It is therefore necessary to select the respective cylinder side with dust and splash protection function when ordering. Both sides are possible.

Dust and splash water protection


Free-running cylinders are those profile cylinders that have a freely rotating cam.
The cam can be moved 360° freely when no key is inserted.
When the key is inserted, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. The cylinder can then be closed in the conventional way with the key.

  • Usually only necessary for special panic or automatic locks. If in doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.
  • for multiple locking systems with panic function: Latch and deadbolt must be moved into the lock body when the doors are closed. To ensure this, the latch bolt must be able to turn freely.
  • in motor-driven locks and special escape door locks
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • certified for transmission and anti-panic locks
  • from 70 mm total length possible

Cam position - carrier adjustment

standard setting: 30° right with marking point seen from the front of the cylinder

  • 1. unscrew the cover on the back of the cylinder using a coin or screwdriver
  • 2. remove clutch and driving hub
  • 3. set up the cylinder on the template and turn the driver to the desired position
  • 4. push the driving hub into the body according to the sketch
  • 5. insert the clutch into the driving hub
  • 6. screw the cover back in until it is level with the body
DORMAKABA closing nose position

Largekey (clip and long bow):

  • long key bow with extended key neck
  • colour clip standard: dark blue (selectable from 12 colours)
  • when using e.g. protective fittings with core pulling protection rosette

Long bow (armour bow):

  • reversible key with armour bow
  • when using e.g. security fittings with core pulling protection rosette and multiple locking systems
DORMAKABA largekey
Largekey (clip and long bow)
DORMAKABA long bow
Long bow (armour bow)