sullus GmbH & Co. KG - 77 years of historical development

July - September 2023

Construction progress

The steel construction with the complete outer shell of the hall was completed. In the further construction process, the interior work will be carried out. At the same time, the outdoor facilities are being worked on until completion.

June 1, 2023

Hall for the expansion of our production and mounting area

We launched construction work on the property, which was purchased in October 2021.

October 2020

Relaunch unserer Website

The website is renewed and adapted to new standards. adapted. The entire content has been revised and incorporated extensive usability improvements.

7./8. September 2018

Official business opening in the new company property

After only 12 months of total construction time, the new company headquarters can be ceremoniously put into operation.

July 2018

Completion of the exterior and interior construction

The interior construction with all trades as well as the execution of the facade works were completed. In July/August, the relocation of the company to the new object could be completed.


Planning and application for the necessary permits for the new company object

Construction work for the new company object has started. The foundations as well as the boreholes (100 m depth) for geothermal energy and building cooling have been set. The building with 2 floors has been assembled from steel construction modular parts. The roof works (flat roof with internal gutter) and works on the outdoor facilities (paving, and asphalt works, laying of planting areas) have started.

September 2016

Purchase of a 1500 m² commercial property in the Freital Technology Park.


Our website is converted to responsive web design and the 3rd version of our locking system configurator goes online

3 years of analysis and the meticulous evaluation of experiences in the operation of the old configurator formed the basis for a new software. After an elaborate development phase, numerous tests and adjustments, the 3rd version of the locking system configurator was completed and went online in May.


The new locking system configurator is put into operation

After a long testing and development phase, the locking system configurator can be integrated into the new store system. Now it is possible to create locking systems of many manufacturers and their locking systems in only 3 short steps. For the first time, a direct comparison of systems from different manufacturers is possible. Necessary reorders are conveniently possible for already created locking systems via the same software system.


Starting the development of a new company website

To further expand and strengthen online commerce, development of a new corporate website begins. The previous websites and are to be merged.


Sullus GmbH & Co. KG spins off the "Computers + Electronics" division from the company

Jürgen Schulz founds a successor company and takes over the company division "Computers and Electronics" on 01.01.2011.


The company headquarters of sullus GmbH & Co. KG will be relocated

As a result of the planned changes in the company's structure, the company's headquarters will be relocated to Serpentinstrasse 1.


The security division moves into a new workshop

Following the expansion of the Serpentinstrasse 1 property, the security division of our company is moving into the new premises.


The first locking system program goes online

For the first time, locking systems can be configured and ordered online.


The metal construction division is discontinued

Following the flood of the century in Dresden and profound personnel changes in the company, the metal construction division with window and security door production and aluminum metal construction is discontinued.


Opening of the fair-like consulting center for safety "Safety * Design * Comfort";

The newly created consulting center for mechanical and electronic security is opened in the center of Dresden.


The sullus GmbH & Co. KG is founded

A joint company is founded from the divisions "Electronic Source", "Safety Systems" and sullus Metallbau GmbH.


Move and opening of the electronics source "Computer and Electronics"

The object Tharandter Strasse 67 is gutted, expanded and completely redesigned. The old "Radio Quelle" moves into the new building. The expansion of the assortment on a larger sales area takes place. The production of customer-related computers is taken up and a service point for electronic devices is established.


Community development of a fire door

With the company Webu is developed a new fire door for residential construction. The start of the production of steel frames for fire doors is carried out.


Foundation of sullus Metallbau GmbH

This branch of the company is engaged in the production of security technology and metal elements, as well as the development of aluminum frames and thresholds for housing construction. The garage and garbage box locking system is developed.


Opening of the safety engineering division

An exhibition of security doors and security technology was created.


Foundation of Wassner & Partner GmbH

Reinhard Sullus is a founding member and co-partner. The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of high-quality security doors with certificate. A mature aluminum frame system is used as the basis.


License agreement with KESO AG

As the first company in Eastern Germany, our company can conclude a license agreement with KESO AG (Switzerland). The step-by-step development of an efficient locking system planning and -manufacturing.


Range conversion and expansion

From 1990, the company's conversion to electronic parts and components available worldwide takes place. The trade assortment is expanded extensively and the service spectrum is extended to computer technology, cash register systems, public address technology and to the production of alarm systems.


Reinhard Sullus takes over the company

The product range is expanded from the previously predominant analog technology to information processing and digital technology. As a service, the shipment of electronic components, assemblies, high-quality measurement technology and printed circuit boards.


Foundation of the Radio-Quelle

Herbert Queck and Benno Tille found the "Radio-Quelle". The 3 letters of Queck and Tille each form the "Quelle". After the death of Herbert Queck, Benno Tille continues to run the specialty store alone until 1986.


Founding of company

Benno Tille and Werner Krey found a radio shop with repair workshop.