System selection

Step 2

System selection

You get the listing of all possible locking systems that are relevant for your created locking plan.

The systems can differ per locking type (single and keyed alike locks / Z, HS or GHS system). Some systems are only offered for a specific locking type. Likewise, only systems for which the selected cylinder types are available are displayed.

This ensures that you only have to deal with locking systems that are suitable for your specifications.

Please note:

Even with specifications of the cylinder length "outside" smaller than 30 mm, some systems are hidden. This is the case, for example, with the EVVA MCS due to the design.

1. Filter

To further narrow down the available locking systems, you can use the filter options. Likewise, you can filter by specific manufacturer

However, there are key or cylinder types for which this filter is not relevant - e.g. EVVA MCS - the key is not a reversible or serrated key.

Our example:

Filter: locking systems with serrated key, all manufacturers

2. Sorting

Sort by manufacturer and price here.

3. System information

Use "more details" to get additional information about basic features of the systems shown. All systems have their manufacturer-specific peculiarities and advantages. Every locking system has its right to exist and should not be selected based on price alone.

4. Detailed listing of all cylinders and keys

Using the "set parameters" button, you can access further setting options for your selected locking system. If you have made settings in the 3rd step, the word "configured" will appear here.