Drilling protection ABS

for KESO Cylinder 2000, 2000S Omega, 4000S Omega

(old version until June 2021)

The drilling and core protection protects the locking cylinder against drilling and the insertion of cylinder extraction screws. The use of hard metals and / or hardened pins can make drilling more difficult.

KESO's ABS system consists of an operationally safe special rotor that provides protection against sophisticated break-in methods such as breaking off, twisting off, tearing out, core pulling and drilling.

The ABS system can be recognized by the externally visible recess in the rotor.

  • hardened core pins HRC 60
  • hardened pins in longitudinal position of the rotor HRC 60
  • hardened inserts in stator HRC 63
  • hardened pins in the bar HRC 60
ABS-Cylinders from KESO

The ABS system is used only on the outside of the profile cylinder. Profil cylinder with this rotor are classified by VdS (Verband der Sachversicherer) in class-BZ+.
The class is increased burglary resistant and is very often considered with better insurance premiums.

We offer the following systems:

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