ABUS Y14 Deltus


Locking system with angled precision contour

Thanks to the patented Intellitec system, the Y14 Deltus locking system offers maximum key copy protection as well as high security against cylinder tampering. The Intellitec system in the Y14 Deltus has patent protection until 2030*, unlimited trademark protection and the highest technical copy protection.
The contour profile of the Y14 Deltus key ensures high key stability.

Intellitec system
Inside the cylinder, the key is checked for authorisation by the Deltus Intellitec detector. In case of missing or manipulated Intellitec pin at the key tip, the key cannot be inserted completely into the profile channel, the key does not close.

Angled precision contour
The angled precision contour provides effective picking resistance. This special profile contour results in a very high key copy protection. The angled shape gives the key a significantly higher stability.

This system is available for reorders only.

For new systems we recommend the successor series ABUS Bravus.

ABUS Y14 Deltus

Technical characteristics:

  • legal copy protection until 2030, trademark protection
  • patented Intellitec system for highest technical copy protection (multidimensional query)
  • highest protection against illegal key copies by angled profile contour (picking protection)
  • multiple paracentric contour profile
  • 6 spring loaded locking elements on one locking row
  • 6 pin system
  • standard drilling protection BS01 made of hardened special steel
  • 14 mm core diameter
  • cam as standard made of sintered steel with burnished surface for high corrosion protection
  • according to DIN 18252 and DIN EN 1303, certified according to ISO 9001:2008
  • can be combined with XY14 Deltus
ABUS Y14 Deltus cylinder cross section


  • cylinder body: nickel plated brass
  • vertical key insertion
  • half cylinder: cam adjustable in 8 positions
  • half cylinder: cam is delivered in 7.00 o'clock position, can be moved to all positions in 45 degree grid
  • combination with electronic systems possible at any time


  • key thickness: 2,6 mm
  • stable serrated key made of wear-resistant nickel silver
  • plastic key caps (COMBICAP, SKAP01, SKKR) (optionally selectable)
  • on request with integrated transponder for controlling electronic systems (compatible only with COMBICAP and SKAP01 key, later retrofitting only with COMBICAP)
ABUS Y14 Deltus key

Operational area:

  • housing estates
  • apartment buildings
  • suitable for small to very large locking systems
  • can be used with DIN mortise locks

Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes (Attention: extended delivery time)
  • emergency and danger function

Explanations on the optional extras:

Increased drilling protection BS01 (standard):

The drilling protection is achieved by using two additional hardened steel pins (the first and third pair of pins) in the cylinder core and body on each locking side (for double cylinders generally on both sides).This achieves the attack resistance class 2 according to EN 1303 and makes violent opening attempts more difficult.

Increased drilling protection BS01

Cylinder finishes:

  • surfaces (cylinder body and core) galvanically treated (nickel, gold)
  • standard finish: nickel plated (silver coloured)
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
Please note:
If a different cylinder finish, different from the standard finish, is ordered, extended production times may occur.
finish brass nickel platedfinish polished brass