Drilling protection IKON

For systems TK5, SK6, SK6, SP6, R10 (series locks and locking systems)

Drilling protection (AB = 0):

In locking cylinders of the above systems, the first pair of pins is made of steel and there is a carbide pin in the cylinder body as standard.

Drilling protection (AB = 1): medium safety requirements

For medium safety requirements, one carbide pin in the cylinder body is combined with several carbide elements in the cylinder core.

Drilling protection (AB = 2): increased safety requirements

For increased safety requirements, reinforced tapping protection is achieved by additional carbide pins inserted in the cylinder core and cylinder body.

Drilling protection (AB = 3): high safety requirements

For high safety requirements, the drilling protection in the cylinder core and cylinder body consists of a combination of several special elements made of hard metal.

Drilling protection (AB = KS3):

To prevent pulling of the core and locking cylinder, the core pull lock is available with lock cylinder protection and integrated drilling protection. The core with core pull lock is supplied in nickel silver without surface treatment.

IKON standard drilling protection
IKON drilling protection AB = 1

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