Drilling protection IKON

For systems TK5, SK6, SK6, SP6, R10 (series locks and locking systems)

Drilling protection (AB = 0):

In locking cylinders of the above systems, the first pair of pins is made of steel and there is a carbide pin in the cylinder body as standard.

Drilling protection (AB = 1): medium safety requirements

For medium safety requirements, one carbide pin in the cylinder body is combined with several carbide elements in the cylinder core.

Drilling protection (AB = 2): increased safety requirements

For increased safety requirements, reinforced drilling protection is achieved by additional carbide pins inserted in the cylinder core and cylinder body.

Drilling protection (AB = 3): high safety requirements

For high safety requirements, the drilling protection in the cylinder core and cylinder body consists of a combination of several special carbide elements.

High drilling protection and core pulling protection (AB = KS):

To protect the core or locking cylinder against pulling, profile cylinders can be supplied with core pulling lock with pulling protection of locking cylinder and integrated drilling protection AB = 3 (AB = 2 for blocking shaft and radii profile extra) (VdS approved).

IKON drilling protection
IKON drilling protection

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