IKON SK6 Vector 1RP04


High-quality IKON blocking rib profile in special class SK6 with 6 active spring-loaded pin locking elements. The 1RP04 profile is designed as a paracentric profile and has DIN, VdS Home, optional VdS B+ certification as standard. Blocking ribs are arranged on both sides of the key. These blocking ribs are scanned in the locking cylinder by blocking rib pins. This results in a particularly high degree of security against opening, scanning and unlocking as well as increased key copy protection.

This system is available for reorders only.

For new systems, we offer the
IKON SK6 flat profile Vector FP04 series.

IKON SK6 Vector 1RP04

Technical characteristics:

  • 6 active, spring-loaded pin locking elements for locking security
  • paracentric blocking rib key profile ensures security against unlocking
  • drilling protection class 2 (AB = 2) standard
  • high protection against picking due to special profile design, pin combination and additional blocking sensing
  • emergency and danger function as standard with double cylinder (lockable on both sides)
  • core pins made of wear-resistant special bronze
  • crowned cylinder core head with reinforced key insertion
  • cam made of break-proof, corrosion-resistant nickel silver profile
  • tested according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 (double, half, knob cylinders)
  • protected key profile with security card
IKON SK6 Vector 1RP04 cutting cylinder


  • conventional locking system
  • vertical key insertion
  • cylinder body: brass matt nickel plated
  • half cylinder: standard cam position 90° left, cam can be adjusted 8-fold in 45° angle
  • combination with electronics possible at any time using transponder key, also as subsequent extension


  • nickel silver serrated key with square metal armour bow
  • optional with colour pin: these can indicate the assignment (e.g. locking authorisations) of the keys, simplifying key management

Operational area:

  • private houses and apartments
  • office and commercial areas

Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes
  • increased drilling protection class 3 (AB = 3)
  • VdS Certification
  • weather protection

Cylinder finishes:

  • standard finish: brass matt nickel plated
  • optional: brass matt brushed, brass polished
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
  • There may be slight colour deviations between the displayed surfaces and the original colours.
IKON Cylinder finishes

Drilling protection:

Standard drilling protection (AB = 2):
  • for increased safety requirements
  • reinforced drilling protection through additional carbide pins in the cylinder core and cylinder body
Increased drilling protection VdS* Home:
  • for increased security requirements
  • reinforced drilling protection through additional carbide pins in the cylinder core and cylinder body
  • VdS* Home Guidelines for mechanical safety devices for house and apartment according to requirements and test methods VdS 3541
Increased drilling protection class 3 (AB = 3):
  • for high safety requirements
  • drilling protection in the cylinder core and cylinder body made of a combination of several special carbide elements
IKON Standard drilling protection

Weather protection:

  • corrosion-protected version
  • cam and forend screw made of rustproof material
  • surface finish: matt chrome plated

Emergency and danger function (standard):

This function enables the locking cylinder to be blocked even if a key with blocking authorisation is inserted on the opposite side.

Emergency and danger function


The profile cylinders which have a freely rotating cam are designated as freewheel cylinders.
The cam can be moved freely through 360° when no key is inserted.
When the key is inserted, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. This then allows the cylinder to be closed in the conventional way with the key.

  • Usually only necessary for special panic or automatic locks. If in doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.
  • for multi-point locks with panic function: latch and bolt must be moved into the lock body when the door is closed with the handle. To ensure this, the cam must be able to turn freely.
  • in motor-driven locks and special escape door locks
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment

Key with coloured pin:

  • optionally with plastic pin in different colours
  • simplifies the management of the keys
  • can indicate the assignment (e.g. locking authorizations) of the keys
IKON Color pin