DOM rs Sirius (RS7SI) double cylinder

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DOM rs Sirius (RS7SI) double cylinder

With the DOM rs Sirius (commercial profile RS7SI) you get a high standard of security at an attractive price. The high level of technical copy protection "starline" ensures that no illegal copies of keys are made. In combination with the integrated, high-level drilling and pulling protection as well as the up to 19-fold locking authorisation query, any attempt at manipulation stands (almost) no chance.

Patent protection until 2043 (pending)

Basic length:

  • from 30,5/30,5 mm
  • cylinder protrusion: 1,5 mm
  • measured from the middle of cam
  • 5 mm extension per side
  • from a total length of 125 mm, the production is carried out in modular design

Technical characteristics:

  • up to 19-fold locking authorisation query
  • up to 6 spring-loaded locking elements made of special brass/hardened steel and up to 11 lateral control pins on each locking side
  • technical key copy protection "starline" (integrated on the key) with additional SL-function pin
  • carbide pins in the body + hardened steel pin in the core to protect against drilling
  • as standard: high-grade drilling and pulling protection
  • high level of manipulation protection
  • certified according to DIN EN 1303 160B0C6C
  • certified according to SKG**


  • cylinder body: brass matt nickel-plated
  • serrated key system
  • vertical key insertion
  • compatible with DOM electronics (made possible by integrating passive transponder technology into the key bow via a clip tag)


  • key thickness: 2,6 mm
  • nickel silver serrated key: corrosion-free and low-wear
  • ergonomically shaped
  • extended key neck adapted to standard security fittings
  • modern design with red coloured ball embedded in the key
  • high level of key copy protection thanks to additional technical function query on the key, key catch in the case of manipulation
  • compatible with DOM clip tag

Options / Special equipment:

  • different cylinder finishes (polished brass, oxidized bronze (burnished), matt black chrome)
  • emergency and danger function
  • increased drilling protection
  • seawater resistance (with this option ist the cylinder finish matt chrome)
  • modular design (cannot be combined with freewheel function)
  • freewheel (from cylinder length: 35,5/35,5 mm, cannot be combined with modular design) (on request)
  • Biffar locking cam

Operational area:

  • internal doors, external doors, front doors, apartment doors with increased security requirements
  • small to large companies
  • complex locking systems, such as airports, financial buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, educational institutions

Scope of delivery:

  • double cylinder incl. ordered keys
  • 1 fixing screw
  • Security card

Technical key copy protection "starline"

The rs Sirius (RS7SI) locking cylinder offers a high level of security with its "Starline" technical key copy protection and has excellent burglary protection thanks to its high level of drilling and pulling protection.

DOM rs Sirius key

How to measure the cylinder length correctly?

You can also find help in determining the correct length in our Help Center for "Cylinder Gauge".

Increased drilling protection (on both sides):

The cylinder already has a high level of drilling and pulling protection as standard.

Increased drilling and core pulling protection can be optionally selected using carbide pins arranged in several levels in the cylinder body and cylinder core. From 30/35 mm.

Cylinder finishes:

  • finishes (polished brass, oxidized bronze, matt black chrome)
  • standard finish: dull nickel
  • for individual design requirements
  • if desired, homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting
Please note:
If a different cylinder finish, different from the standard finish, is ordered, extended production times may occur.

DOM cylinder finish
dull nickel
DOM cylinder finish
polished brass
DOM cylinder finish
oxidized bronze
DOM cylinder finish
matt black chrome

Emergency and danger function:

This function enables the locking cylinder to be blocked even if a key with blocking authorisation is inserted on the opposite side.

emergency and danger function

Seawater resistance:

  • for use in marine climate or salty atmosphere
  • fixing screw pure brass, cam sintered steel (chemically nickel plated)
  • cylinder finish: matt chrome
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • possible from cylinder length 30,5/30,5 mm
  • in combination with freewheel: clutch not protected against seawater
DOM seawater resistance

Modular design:

The modular cylinder is a profile cylinder in which the different cylinder lengths can be easily adjusted by means of suitable intermediate parts of the respective locking system. This also protects against violent "tearing" and "pulling" on the cylinder (modular technology with increased tear-off protection).
Cannot be combined with freewheel function.

modular design

Freewheel (on request):

The profile cylinders which have a freely rotating cam are designated as freewheel cylinders.
The cam can be moved freely through 360° when no key is inserted. DOM freewheel cylinders comply with DIN EN 18252:2006-12.
When the key is inserted, the spring-loaded clutch engages in the cam. This then allows the cylinder to be closed in the conventional way with the key.

  • from cylinder length: 35,5/35,5 mm
  • Usually only necessary for special panic or automatic locks. If in doubt, please check with the door manufacturer.
  • for multi-point locks with panic function: latch and bolt must be moved into the lock body when the door is closed with the handle. To ensure this, the cam must be able to turn freely.
  • in motor-driven locks and special escape door locks
  • restrictions possible in combination with other optional equipment
  • with this option the cylinder has no emergency and danger function
  • cannot be combined with modular design
  • freewheel function is tested according to FZG (test guideline for profile cylinders with freewheel function for gear locks in escape door locks)

Special locking cam for profile cylinders:

  • 2-fold cam (Biffar)

For the systems, a different locking cam can only be selected in conjunction with the emergency and danger function. Available for conventional systems from an overall length of 30/30 mm and for reversible key systems from 35/35 mm.

2-fold cam (Biffar)
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