DORMAKABA evolo smart digital cylinder 1435-K6

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DORMAKABA evolo smart digital cylinder 1435-K6

DORMAKABA evolo smart - the smart and modern access with smartphone for small businesses or in private homes. The special thing about it: You don't need any extra hardware to program the door components, change access rights or delete access authorisations, because you can now do this simply and quickly with your smartphone.
You don't need an internet connection for this, the system runs offline.

In addition to its high-quality, award-winning design, the digital cylinder also offers high security and flexibility. Access authorisation is indicated visually and acoustically. The security-relevant electronics are installed behind the drilling protection in the rotor.

In principle, you may use the digital cylinder for any door indoors or weather-protected outdoors. The electronics function reliably, even in extreme temperatures.


  • for small businesses up to 50 users
  • fast and flexible programming via app
  • no costs for programming tools, only a smartphone is needed
  • access with smartphone, card or key fob (based on RFID chip technology)
  • no handing out of physical media through smartphone
  • convenient deletion of lost media
  • simple time limitation of accesses
  • readout of door events
  • security controlled via separate programming card


  • from 30/30 mm, total length: 60 mm
  • with inside length 20/25 mm no change of outside and inside (turn) possible
  • measured from the middle of cam
  • extension in 5 mm steps per side
  • max. total length: 220 mm
  • outside knob: Ø 36 x 45 mm
  • inside knob: Ø 36 x 29 mm

Technical characteristics:

  • cylinder in system level 1
  • standard drilling protection (hardened steel disc)
  • fire resistance T30 / T80 for 95 min
  • outside knob: IP56 (weather-protected outdoor area)
  • mechanical inside knob firmly coupled with the cam
  • with freewheel function for gear locks in escape doors (FZG)
  • standalone operated (doors operate unwired via battery)
  • RFID media (E300) (digital key with mobile access)
  • MRD (Multi RFID Device) Bluetooh (by programming with programming card cylinder receives its identification)
  • durability: > 200.000 cycles, EN 15684 class 6, EN 179 / EN 1125 class 7
  • corrosion resistance: DIN EN 1670 class 3, DIN EN ISO 6988, degree of severity 3 (SO2 test)
  • classification according to DIN 18252/EN 1303 (Euro profile)


  • one programming card is required per system
  • authorisation in the component: with the programming card and the smartphone app (evolo smart)
  • with the evolo smart app, you can change access rights flexibly and adapt them at any time
  • after app programming, you update door components by holding out the smartphone
  • with the DORMAKABA mobile access app, you open the door component with the smartphone and a digital key


  • cylinder body: brass, matt nickel plated
  • inside and outside knob surface: stainless steel look
  • inside knob: standard execution
  • antenna cover: plastic, black antenna cap
  • signalling of access authorisation optically and acoustically by multicoloured LED ring (green/red)

Options / Special equipment:

  • cylinder finish
  • antenna cover
  • inside knob
  • increased drilling protection (PT1, VdS BZ+)
  • connecting bar (from outside) shortened by 8 mm
  • e-module: extreme low temperature

Operational area:

  • indoor area or weather-protected outdoor area
  • for access control of single doors up to larger systems
  • production plants, handicraft businesses, trading companies
  • schools, administration buildings
  • clinics, nursing homes
  • service companies
  • private residences

Scope of delivery:

  • digital cylinder 1435-K6 (Euro profile)
  • battery
  • fixing screw M5 x 75 mm
  • quick guide
Note: A programming card (LEGIC Master B) is required for each DORMAKABA evolo smart system!

This article has been configured for you, so the right of withdrawal does not apply here.

Radio interface:

  • IEEE 802.15.4
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy

Power supply:

  • battery: 1 x 3 V CR2 lithium
    (recommendation: Duracell Ultra CR2 or Panasonic CR2 lithium)
  • when battery is changed: relearn time with programming card and app (for time zones)

Environment / Service life:

  • temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C
  • protection class outside knob: IP56 (weather-protected outdoor area)
  • humidity: 0 to 95 %, non-condensing
  • climate: not suitable for use in corrosive atmosphere (chlorine, ammonia)
  • lifetime: in EXT version up to 40.000 cycles (at -20 °C), up to approx. 50.000 cycles or up to 2 years (at 20 °C)

Important notice:

100% functionality is only guaranteed with the media provided or obtainable from the manufacturer (e.g. DORMAKABA cylinder only with DORMAKABA RFID media). Other media must be clarified in advance.

Operation / management via smart app:

With the DORMAKABA evolo smart app, you can easily control access to your building. Simply tap to define the time profile when selected persons are to be granted restricted access. You can use the app to record and delete access media and update your door components. You can also read out the status information of the door directly on your smartphone. You can program and delete access media for a maximum of 50 users using your smartphone.

And best of all: you don't need an Internet connection for any of this, evolo smart runs offline.

To register new access media, scan the QR code on the card or key fob. For access via smartphone, you buy a virtual key in the evolo smart app. The user, for example your new employee, downloads the DORMAKABA mobile access app and receives the virtual key from you electronically.

Smartphone requirements for dormakaba evolo smart app / mobile access app:

  • camera
  • Bluetooth® and / or NFC-HCE interface
  • Android version 6.0 or higher
  • iPhone with iOS 11 or newer
DORMAKABA evolo smart programming

Digital key via mobile access app:

With the DORMAKABA mobile access app, you open the door component with your smartphone and a digital key.
Mobile access makes your processes around access rights easier. Because our solutions are geared to your daily requirements. After all, it may not always be possible to hand an access medium directly to a person.

How does mobile access work?

  • turns smartphones into access media
  • combination of DORMAKABA online and standalone components possible
  • management / transmission of access rights via smart app
  • digital keys already purchased in the list (if available): enter first name and surname of the corresponding user, forward this digital key to this user using the "Send invitation" button
  • to activate the digital key, the person receives instructions
  • optional transmission of door status and access events
DORMAKABA mobile access


  • easy to use and implement
  • manage like standard access media
  • optimize processes - transmit access rights without on-site personnel
  • save time and resources
  • even remote doors remain secured
  • access rights can be easily revoked if the smartphone is lost
  • additional security in case of smartphone loss (access only possible via PIN code)

How do you measure the cylinder length correctly?

You can also find help on determining the correct length in our Help Center for "Cylinder Gauge".

Configuration videos

evolo smart - install evolo smart on the smartphone

evolo smart - add and assign access media via QR Code

evolo smart - adding door components

evolo smart - authorize user for the door component

evolo smart - buy digital keys

evolo smart - send digital key to user

evolo smart - download mobile access from the App Store

evolo smart - activate digital key with mobile access

evolo smart - delete user from door component

evolo smart - read door events

evolo smart - configuration of door settings

evolo smart - mounting digital cylinder

Increased drilling protection:

  • version with high drilling protection PT1 (disc made of hard metal)
  • version with high drilling protection (VdS BZ+) (disc made of hard metal)
DORMAKABA increased drilling protection

Cylinder finishes:

  • cylinder body: brass, matt nickel plated (standard)
  • inside and outside knob finish: stainless steel look (standard)
  • optional: polished brass, matt chrome plated (corrosion resistant), black (powder coated), bronze (on request)
  • for individual design requirements
  • if a homogeneous appearance of door cylinder and fitting is desired
Please note:
When ordering a different cylinder finish, deviating from the standard finsih, extended production times may occur.
DORMAKABA cylinder finishes
DORMAKABA cylinder finishes
DORMAKABA cylinder finishes

Antenna cover:

  • black (standard), white (selectable)
DORMAKABA antenna cover black
DORMAKABA antenna cover white

Inside knob:

  • inside knob: Ø 36 x 29 mm (standard)
  • inside knob: Ø 30 x 27 mm (short)
  • short inside knob cannot be combined with black finish
DORMAKABA inside knob
DORMAKABA inside knob short

Shortened connecting bar:

  • connecting bar shortened by 8 mm
DORMAKABA shortened connecting bar

Cylinders for extreme low temperature (EXT):

The performance of lithium batteries is reduced at low temperatures. With the EXT version, operation down to -20°C is possible even with a partially discharged battery.

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