WILKA easyApp starter set E283 with double knob cylinder E204

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WILKA easyApp starter set E283 with electronic double knob cylinder E204

Electronic cylinders replace the mechanical cylinders on the doors. Replacement is very simple, no conversion of the doors is necessary. An electronic solution can also be retrofitted into existing mechanical systems.

NEW: easyApp
The easy product range is extended by a new product, the WILKA easyApp. This enables doors to be opened and authorisations to be managed without keys or transponders.

You only need the free app and one programming card per system.

The cylinder is supplied with IP67 moisture protection as standard and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. The modular design means that the cylinder can also be modified subsequently, both in terms of length and design.

Basic length:

  • 30/30 mm, total length: 60 mm
  • measured from the middle of cam
  • extension 5 mm per side

Technical characteristics:

  • electronic outside knob
  • internal knob (mechanical) coupled with the cam
  • patented locking ring for knob cap fastening
  • electronic clutch mechanism for engaging the external knob when using a valid transponder
  • standard with IP67 according to EN 60529 (suitable for outdoor use)
  • with drilling and pulling protection as standard
  • low maintenance, long battery life and easy installation without cabling
  • modular design
  • with freewheel function (FZG)
  • extended by Bluetooth® wireless technology interface for operation via smartphones (Android® and iOS®)
  • certified according to SKG*** and tested according to EN 15684


  • cylinder body: brass matt nickel plated
  • knob: brushed stainless steel with black plastic cap, integrated evaluation electronics and battery
  • visual signalling of access authorisation by multicoloured LED ring and acoustic buzzer
  • transponder with blue plastic case and integrated Mifare® 1k microchip
  • transponder is delivered unprogrammed
  • management of easy locking cylinders with the WILKA easyApp
  • opening the door by mobile phone, alternatively with Mifare® transponders

Operational area:

  • for small systems, private domestic systems or small businesses
  • housing construction, single and multiple family houses, holiday homes
  • office building
  • small-scale enterprises
  • public organisations

Scope of delivery:

  • electronic double knob cylinder E204 (outside electronic / inside mechanical)
  • 3 Transponder E891
  • programming card
  • lithium battery type CR2 (3V)
  • assembly key

This item is a configured item for you, so the right of withdrawal does not apply here.

Technical details:

  • drilling protection: hardened steel pins and balls in core and body
  • stand alone system with battery supply
  • user identification: Mifare 13.56 MHz
  • release signal: optical by blue light ring, acoustic by short signal tone
  • battery life (1 x CR2) is approx. 1 year in this version
  • acoustic signal when the battery is low, then approx. 100 closures possible
  • battery type CR2 (3V)
  • operating temperature: -20° to 70° Celsius
  • programming methods: app, programming card, various identification media (transponder, key fob, mechatronic key)
  • a cylinder can also be programmed without using the app: if a transponder is lost, the programming card is used to delete all transponders and the existing ones are reprogrammed.
  • wall readers or door fittings can only be controlled via the programming card

Important note:

The 100% functionality is only guaranteed with the manufacturer provided or obtainable media (eg WILKA cylinder only with WILKA transponder). Other media must be clarified in advance.

Operation / administration via easyApp:

With WILKA easyApp, an access software for mobile phones and tablets (Android® and iOS®) with Bluetooth® wireless technology interface, mobile phones and MIFARE® transponders can be managed safely and conveniently.

An individual access authorisation can be assigned to each user. The access authorisation is transferred to the electronic locking cylinder, which activates the external knob for operation by authorised users.

  • secure and convenient management of access authorization for smartphones
  • easyApp cylinders require a programming card as a further security criterion and for confirmation of programming via smartphone
  • in emergencies, programming is possible using the programming card without an administrator smartphone (delete memory, allow new transponders or smartphones)
  • management of up to 250 users and 25 doors
  • system can be expanded at any time
  • allocation of individual access authorizations for each user possible
  • event memory in the cylinder (access, unauthorised access attempt, programming processes with date and time) for up to 1.000 events, readable via app
  • cylinder release time adjustable or continuously open
  • door opening with Smartphone, completely without additional transponders is possible
  • AES-128 bit encryption secures communication against external access
  • network is not necessary (communication between app and cylinder is possible even in case of power failure)
  • You can find Wilka easyApp in the respective stores for iOS® (search for "WILKA") and for Android® (search for "Wilka easy").

How to measure the cylinder length correctly?

You can also find help in determining the correct length in our Help Center for "Cylinder Gauge".

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