WILKA maintenance spray graphity GS17

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WILKA care spray graphity GS17

Cylinders are precision mechanical products of high accuracy - therefore it is important to maintain them. The care spray graphity GS17 is recommended by WILKA for the care and cleaning of WILKA cylinders.

The graphity GS17 is a high temperature resistant natural graphite in alcohol. The product forms an even graphite film within a short time after application or spraying and has been specially developed for use in profile cylinders. Regular relubrication with graphite spray extends the already long life cycle of the cylinder even further.

Content: 100 ml


  • WILKA recommendation for the care and cleaning of WILKA cylinders
  • recommended care at least 2 x year especially before winter
  • hinges, joints, springs
  • household, garden and hobby workshop in car electrics (ignition distributor)
  • for lubrication of guides and mechanisms of transport systems, packaging machines, filling machines etc.


  • high temperature resistant natural graphite in alcohol
  • dark-coloured lubricant
  • a uniform graphite film forms within a short time
  • operating temperature range: -30°C to 50°C


Shake well before use. Press the spray head briefly on the key channel. Please note that the key should only be inserted and closed after approx. 5 minutes to avoid soiling the key.
In case of extremely stressed or dirty cylinders, allow the liquid to soak in for a short time and then repeat the treatment.

Safety and environment:

Lubricants must not be allowed to enter the sewerage system, soil or water bodies. Used lubricants and empty containers must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Please refer to the current safety data sheet for further information on safety and health. (see download)

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